Can I Send Amazon Gift Card To Another Country? Check It Out Now!

Can I send an Amazon gift card to another country is a viral question on the internet which is so controversial. 

At times, you want to send Amazon gift cards to your friends and families as a happy birthday gift or another gift for some other occasion that causes a celebration, and then have these thoughts again, “Can I send an Amazon gift card to another country? 

In this article, you will know if it is possible to send an Amazon gift card to another country, just read till the end as I will be revealing everything that you need to know. 🤝

How Do I Get An Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift cards are of many types and also there are other gift cards which Amazon sells online, and Visa gift card is an example of these gift cards you can purchase from the amazon online store.

With an Amazon gift card, you can purchase items on Amazon without any form of restriction. Are you still wondering how you can get your Amazon gift card? 

Below are the steps on how to get your Amazon gift card:

  • Log in to your Amazon account or sign up if you do not have an Amazon account
  • On the Amazon platform, locate the “gift cards” button
  • Insert or choose the type of gift card you want to purchase
  • Select “add to cart” and click “proceed to checkout”
  • Provide payment information to proceed with purchasing your gift card
  • And select “Place your order” to that the process of earning you your Amazon gift card.

Can I Send Amazon Gift Card To Another Country

It is very possible to send Amazon gift cards to another country. Well, it depends on the country you are sending the Amazon gift card to. 

Here are the steps on how to send an Amazon gift card to someone in another country:

  • Log in to your Amazon account
  • Select and add to your cart the product detail
  • Click on “proceed to checkout”
  • Select a shipping address you are sending the Amazon gift card to or you make way for the receiver to provide their shipping address.
  • Select the add gift options
  • Hide prices on the packing slip for the purchase to be selected
  • Add a gift card message. You can also add this message anytime, provided that the Amazon gift card has not been delivered
  • Select an option to wrap the gift card (optional)
  • You can choose to Inform the receiver of the delivery process. 
  • Select on save gift options.

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If the gift option is not available, you will be informed and it will save you from stressing yourself and help you inform the person early enough.

It is also possible to add or change gift options after your order has been placed, provided that the gift card has not been shipped. 

For this option:

  • Go to your orders
  • Select View or edit order to edit what you want to edit.


To make the delivery easier for Amazon and the receiver you can share a link of the gift to the receiver so they can track their delivery on time.

To share the gift link:

  • Go to your orders
  • Select “tap and track package
  • Tap on share and tracking and follow the instructions 

Note that the receiver can only see the delivery date and the sender’s name attached to the gift link.

They are not eligible to see the item description or price of the gift. Either can they change the shipping address or change delivery instructions.

Do Amazon Gift Cards Work Internationally?

Amazon gift cards work Internationally such as buying and purchasing items online from another country. This gift card can also work internationally by sending it to someone else outside your residing country.

How Do I Transfer An Amazon Gift Card To Another Account?

It is on the internet that an amazon gift card can be transferred to another amazon gift card account and it is also officially published on the Amazon website that it is impossible to make such a transfer. 

You can not transfer an Amazon gift card to another Amazon account. If by any means you have made such a transaction, then it is an illegal act because it is not approved by Amazon.

Gift Cards That Can Be Used Internationally

Gift cards that can be used internationally are Visa and MasterCard. The Visa Card and the MasterCard do the same thing but the Visa Card is rated higher than the MasterCard due to its market capitalization. 

Walmart, Best Buy, American Express, iTunes, Discover and Whole Foods gift cards are not used internationally.

Why you can not use gift cards Internationally is because you can not use a different gift card on a different online store to purchase items.

Frequently Asked Questions 


Can I Buy An Amazon Gift Card From A Particular Country?

Yes, you can purchase an Amazon gift card from a particular country. Staying in your country, you can order for an Amazon gift card. Just so you know that most Amazon gift card users are Americans.

Can You Send Gift Cards Internationally?

Depending on the gift card and the purpose of the gift card. It is true that gift cards can be transferred or shipped to a person who is staying in another country. Just like I explained in the article “How you can transfer an Amazon gift card Internationally”.

Can I Send Gift Cards From India To The United States?

To send gift cards internationally is possible but the redeeming process is difficult.


Sending Amazon to another country is subject to restrictions. This is because there are countries which do not approve the use of gift cards as a means of making payments for items they purchase.

Before you leave, remember that gift cards work with their online stores. Each gift card is subjected to an online store, I.e just like the Visa gift card is used on Amazon and Amazon alone. It is illegal to use Visa gift cards outside the Amazon online store.


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