Can You Get A Payday With An IVA? -Find Out Now!

Can you get a payday with an IVA” is a question every IVA user would ask when running into a financial situation that requires getting a payday. But do not worry because you are at the right blog to find the answer to everything regarding IVA and payday loans.

An IVA which Is known as an individual Voluntary Agreement is an agreement between you and a creditor to pay part or all of your debt, then you are to make regular payments to a debt specialist known as Insolvency Practitioner (IP), and the IP can settle your creditor from your regular payments.

During your IVA days, you are not permitted to get a loan, but if you run into a financial problem whose solution is a payday loan, ‘can you get a payday with an IVA‘ would probably start running through your mind.

So, you see, I will not only be addressing can you get a payday with an IVA in this article, but will be guiding you on how an IVA deals with payday loans and every other thing you need to know regarding can you get a payday with an IVA.

Without wasting much time, let us proceed –

Can You Get A Payday With An IVA?

Yes, you can get a payday with an IVA if you want. But getting a payday loan and letting it affect your regular IVA payment would be a bad idea and it is not recommended. A few minutes from now, I will be guiding you on how an IVA deals with payday loans.

Can You Get A Payday With An IVA

How An IVA Deals With Payday Loans

Payday loans are in no way near or similar to other loan offers because of its short-term feature. Payday can be all about providing individuals with emergency help to be paid a few days after, and bodies that issue payday loans use this advantage to get high interest from people who need the loan. At the end of the day, people can not cover the interest rate of the payday loan and this is why people who want a payday loan seek help through an IVA because an IVA gives the authority to freeze the interest of the payday loan from the start.

A few minutes from now, I will be guiding you on how an IVA deals with bank loans.

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How An IVA Deals With Bank Loans

In other bank loans, when an IVA is included, the bank is to submit a claim that the IVA applicant is owing them for verification. Usually, the amount the IVA applicant owes is known as the ‘outstanding balance’ and can be calculated into the IVA payment and be paid to the bank monthly just like the IVA. Most often than not, the lender would prefer to claim the outstanding balance through the IVA which is usually a much larger amount than getting a settlement figure. This applies that the bank will claim more money through the IVA because their claim will be increased by the higher outstanding debt.

This can also result in a minimal impact on the IVA applicant as there would be an increase in the IVA contribution as a result of a higher debt for the IVA applicant. 

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Can I Borrow Money From Friends And Family During An IVA?

Under the Individual Voluntary Agreement, you are not to borrow any money without permission from Insolvency Practitioner (IP).

During an IVA, you can not borrow more than £500 from any individual or organized entity without getting approval from the IP, and you can only get loans such as;

  • Credit cards
  • Overdrafts
  • Payday loans
  • Loans from friends and family
  • Personal loans

There are some cases in which you can not secure the loan after approval from the IP because your credit file shows you are on IVA. In less than a minute, I will address how long does an IVA last

How Long Does An IVA Last?

Generally, an IVA lasts for 5 years but some situations could shift it to 6 years, these situations could be payment-related issues. There are situations where you can pay off your IVA in less than five years, but it is rare. So, a few minutes from now, I will be guiding you on how to clear an IVA early

How To Clear An IVA Early

In paying off an IVA early, you will need to offer a lump sum of money to your creditor as a one-off payment, and further new agreement of no more monthly IVA payment, as it is in the IVA agreement, and the creditor will receive the amount as a settling debt then close the IVA. If ever you should consider paying off your IVA early, first suggest this to the Insolvency Practitioner, and the IP will see through if your creditor will take early settlement and set up a meeting called a variation meeting for you to meet and pay off your creditor. Some minutes from now, I will be guiding you on what happens if you settle an IVA early

What Happens If You Settle An IVA Early?

Settling an IVA early will advance you to start rebuilding your credit rating. The IVA will still be found in your credit report for six years starting from the day you apply for the IVA despite paying off early. This case can affect you when trying to gather a credit rate.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Lower My IVA Payments?

Yes, your IP can help you lower your IVA payment to %15 without the approval of your creditor and can still go further to lower it if your creditor is consulted, however, there might be an attached fee.

Can I Pay Off My Payday Loan Early?

Yes, you can pay off your payday loan early. However, some organized entities might choose to charge you for paying off a payday loan early.

Can I Clear My IVA Early?

Yes, you do need to wait for 5 years to clear your IVA early if your creditor agrees and you can pay it off, but the creditor might charge you for early payment.


Getting a payday loan during an IVA could be disastrous, it is not recommended for anyone, but if you can pay off an IVA early, you can try to get one when you run into financial issues. However, I have addressed everything you need to know considering can I get a paying during an IVA, how an IVA deals with payday loans, and every other related topic.

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