Can You Sezzle On Amazon? Check It Out Now!

Most times Amazon users run out of cash in their Amazon account in which they wanted to purchase products, and they ask the people around them, “Can you sezzle on Amazon if you were in my shoes?” Most often than not, they tend to get a negative answer and they really get desperate and frustrated.

I have written this article, so that it will help solve your problems regarding the possibility of sezzling on Amazon and avoid you getting desperate and frustrated.

Let us proceed to what I have to tell you about sezzling on Amazon.

What Is Sezzle?

Basically, sezzle is a business payment option where you can purchase a product from a company and pay later. Furthermore, this payment option can be known as “point of sezzle”

Can You Sezzle On Amazon?

The big question in this article is “Can you sezzle on Amazon?” We are really sorry to inform you that Amazon does not accept sezzle as one of their payment options anymore. 

But we still have good news for you, and this good news is that Amazon accepts the Affirm payment option. Amazon has already partnered with The Affirm in the agreement of accepting $50 or more virtual card payments. 

Truth be told, you are only qualified to purchase with Amazon using the Affirm payment option if you have reached the qualifying amount of cash needed by Amazon. Klarna also emerges as a good payment means of purchasing products on Amazon and redeeming Amazon gift cards.

Is It Safe To Pay With Sezzle?

Amazon users also ask “can I use sezzle on amazon” to confirm how legitimate and safe sezzle is.

Do not worry because sezzle is much safer for payment methods. 

Sezzle company use the card industry compliance standards in terms of security to keep your personal details and your activities disclosed. Depending on your budget, sezzle can be more dangerous than credit cards.

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Is Sezzle Good For Your Wallet?

You might be unable to use sezzle as your payment method if you failed to make payments for your last transaction or if you miss paying for it. In some cases, you will have to pay $10 as a reactivation fee to keep on shopping.

Popular Stores That Use Sezzle

Apart from Amazon, there are popular online stores that add “pay by sezzle” as one of their payment means. These stores are:

  • Spartan Race Merchandise 
  • Target
  • Cotopaxi
  • Ciele Athletics Inc
  • The Last Hunt
  • Lamps plus
  • Bass pro shops
  • Modiv Brand
  • Walmart
  • Alder Apparel 
  • Indigo
  • Three Nails Clothing 
  • HomeSense
  • Uber
  • Manila
  • KEEN
  • Echt Apparel Pty Ltd 
  • Dignitii
  • Abs2b Fitness Apparel
  • Deal days

How Do I Use The Sezzle Virtual Card?

It is easy to use your virtual card to make a purchase if you have activated it. Below are steps to follow to earn your sezzle virtual card activation.

  • Open the sezzle mobile app on your mobile phone
  • Click on “sezzle card”
  • Your sezzle virtual details will display on the screen after you have signed up for the virtual card
  • You can now use a sezzle virtual card to shop online by providing your card details on online shops.

Note that 25% of what you have purchased will be charged to the payment option on the file during checkout.

To use your sezzle virtual card in-store at select Sezzle merchants. You will have to add it to your apple or google wallet by clicking on “add to wallet” under your card details.

When the sezzle virtual card is added to your wallet you can complete your checkout by tapping your phone at the terminal to complete the checkout.

How Do You Use Sezzle At Checkout?

To use Sezzle at checkout you have to log in to your sezzle account if you have one or sign up on sezzle if you are yet to have an account with Sezzle and select and add a payment option.

Sezzle will send you a one-time code to your phone, make sure that your phone is with you.

You can also be exposed to danger if you misplace your Sezzle’s one-time code

On rare occasions, you do not see Sezzle as a payment option during the checkout. 

If this happens, know that the store might have a deactivated sezzle or a valuable requirement or that the sezzle merchant is experiencing technical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon Have An Afterpay Option?

“Does Amazon have an afterpay option”? is a related question to “can you sezzle on Amazon”? These questions are about purchasing now and paying off later.

Amazon used to have this option but as of 2022, there is no such thing on Amazon nor has it published about the return of the “afterpay” option.

Does Walmart Use Sezzle?

Walmart supports the Sezzle payment option. This means that you can purchase on Walmart and pay later depending.

Indigo, Uber and HomeSense are on the list of online shops that support the Sezzle payment method.

Can Sezzle Be Used In-store?

Using your Sezzle virtual card, there is no restriction to purchasing items online or in-store using the virtual wallet of Apple play or google play.

Target in-store is not an exception, you can use Sezzle in Target shops.

Does Amazon Accept Afterpay Or Klarna?

There are only assumptions that Amazon accepts Afterpay and klarna. As of today, Amazon has not accepted the use of afterpay or klarna as a method of purchasing items on Amazon.


“Can you sezzle on Amazon” is a very controversial question. Amazon has been using Sezzle for quite a while but recently i noticed that such a payment option is no longer available on Amazon as a means of making payments for purchases.

Afterpay and klarna also have been excluded from Amazon payment options too.

You pay directly to Amazon after making any purchase. Hence, Amazon does not support buying on credit.

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