How Do You Activate Vodabucks?

How Do You Activate Vodabucks?

How do you activate vodabucks? This could be one of the questions you would ask after losing a lot of vodabucks that would have paid your bills, got your fashion wears, and probably brought food to your table.

I know how it feels to lose such an amount of vodabucks to inactivation, but do not worry, in this article, you will be making findings on how do you activate vodabucks, everything you need to know regarding activation of vodabucks is in this article.

Vodabucks are rewards issued by Vodacom to their users to redeem them for different offers in the vodabucks store. Despite having the number of vodabucks that can provide you with food, bills payment, voice and internet bundle, fashion wear, and others, without activating these vodabucks, at some point they might expire and not be useful anymore. So, you see why vodabucks activation is important?

In this article, I will be addressing everything you need to know regarding how do you activate vodabucks, followed by different questions related to the activation of vodabucks.

So, without wasting time, let’s proceed 

How Do You Activate Vodabucks?

How Do You Activate Vodabucks

Purchasing Vodacom offers using vodabucks does not only depend on earning vodabucks. You see, after earning vodabucks, you need to bank it or activate it or you lose it. Do not be scared of the banking process, it has nothing to do with difficulty. But how do you activate vodabucks? Well, below are the steps

  • VodaPay 2.0 App: 
  • Log in to your VodaPay 2.0 App or sign up if you do not have an existing account
  • You will be shown “You have xxx unbanked vodabucks which expire in xxx day
  • Click on the “Bank”
  • Or check on the icons in the VodaPay 2.0 App below your home screen.
  • Vodacom App: 
  • Log in to your Vodacom App or sign up if you are not an already existing customer
  • Click on the “Bank” issued on your screen
  • Check the options below your home screen to bank your vodabucks if you weren’t shown “Bank” when logged in.
  • USSD, *133#: 
  • Use your prepaid cell phone
  • Dial *133#
  • Proceed with the guidelines displayed on your phone screen to bank your vodabucks 

A few minutes from now, I will be guiding you on where can I activate vodabucks.

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Where Can I Activate Vodabucks

Unlike banks where you have many options of withdrawing your money for consumption, activating vodabucks only has 3 good places. Where can I activate vodabucks? Well, below are three places to activate vodabucks –

  • VodaPay 2.0 App
  • Vodacom App
  • USSD code, *133#

A few minutes from now I will be guiding you on why should I activate vodabucks

Why should I activate Vodabucks

Every unbanked vodabucks need to be banked to avoid losing them. Banked vodabucks can be used to get Vodacom offers at the vodabucks store. At the vodabucks store, some offers you are likely to find are; food, fashion wears, gadgets, voice bundle, bills payment, internet bundle, and other offers.

A few minutes from now, I will be guiding you on when should I activate vodabucks

When Should I Activate Vodabucks

Activation of vodabucks is important to Vodacom users. To ensure you use your vodabucks to your satisfaction, you need to ensure you banked them and know when to bank them. So, you see, vodabucks have a deadline by which they should be banked. But when is the best time to bank vodabucks? From Saturday to Thursday is the best day to bank your vodabucks.

Have you lost your unbanked vodabucks before? In less than a minute, I will be addressing what happened to my unbanked vodabucks

What Happened To My Unbanked Vodabucks?

On Friday, by noon, every unbanked vodabucks is lost. So, you see why I said it’s best to bank vodabucks starting from Saturday to Thursday? If you do not bank your vodabucks before Friday noon, you will lose them. Every Saturday, your vodabucks amount is reset to 0.00.

Also, to avoid getting things rushed, do not attempt banking your vodabucks on Friday night.

How Much Do I Need To Pay To Activate Vodabucks

Vodabucks are banked freely on the Vodacom app, VodaPay 2.0 app, and USSD code, *133#. Do not let anyone lure you into the idea of paying to bank your vodabucks, they only crave your money and they can not help you bank your vodabucks.

Is It Safe To Activate Vodabucks

Yes, so safe. There’s no criminal activity involved in banking your unbanked vodabucks. You do not need to feel insecure about activating your earned vodabucks.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Activate Vodabucks Myself

Yes, you can activate your earned vodabucks yourself. In fact, no one aside from you can activate your vodabucks aside from using your cellphone to access your Vodacom app or your VodaPay 2.0 app.

And make sure not to pay for vodabucks activation.

Can I contact Vodacom Customer Care

Yes, you can talk with the Vodacom customer care centre if you want to.

Vodacom customer care – 082135

Email address –

Live chat –

Facebook – Vodacom

Twitter – Vodacom

Using your prepaid cell phone, you can dial *135# t start a conversation with the Vodacom customer care agent.

Does Activating Vodabucks Apply A Service Fee?

No, Vodacom will not charge you for activating or banking your earned vodabucks. Beware of people who say you should pay to activate or bank your vodabucks, they are scammers!


Note: once your unbanked vodabucks are lost, you can not recover them again, not even the Vodacom agent can restore them, so it makes a lot of sense if you activate your vodabucks before Friday noon. I have addressed everything you need to know regarding how do you activate vodabucks in this article. There are also questions I have addressed in this article, such as why should I activate vodabucks, where can I activate vodabucks and others.

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