How To Buy Shares In Nigeria (Everything That You Need To Know So As To Get Started

Are still wondering how you can buy shares in Nigeria? Which app can you use to buy Nigerian stock? Worry less, this article is an explanation of how to buy shares in Nigeria following all that you need to know about Nigerian shares.

Without wasting your time, let us proceed to know how to buy shares in Nigeria.

What Apps Can I Use To Buy Shares In Nigeria?

There are fintech apps that you can use to buy shares in the state of not being able to reach a certain company’s location to buy stocks. These apps are easily operated by Nigerians.

The following are the apps which you can use to buy shares.

1. Trove

Trove is an investment app used for buying Nigerian, US, and Chinese stocks in Nigeria. With just N1000 you can start a flexible investment on the Trove app.

Trove transactions are reliable and smooth, hence, these transactions are featured under the control of Nigerian bug companies, and these companies are:

  • Jumia
  • Dangote cement.

Big International brands, Microsoft and Netflix also feature in these transactions.


With the help of you are entitled to buy foreign stock in any fiat currency. Real estate and agriculture are also investment options this Nigerian investment app offers.

3. Piggyvest

Piggyvest investment app is a Nigerian-based fintech app meant for savings and investments.

Did you know that you can continue investing in this app while earning an interest rate? 

Yes, it is true that you can continue to invest your earnings to earn 13% of your investment if you lock your funds up for saving’s sake.

With your capital, you are eligible to earn 25% interest rates.

4. Bamboo Invest

Bamboo gives its users unrestricted access to over 3,500 different types of stocks which are on the Nigerian stock exchange market and the US stock exchange market.

The bamboo app is safe, it is a Robo-advisor, with the two factors authentication and verification process to guide your accounts. Its flexibility supports funding your account with Naira and United States dollars.

5. Payvest By Carbon

The payvest by carbon investment app is mainly for lending services but with this app, you can still invest.

The minimum amount which could be made as an investment in this app is N100 and the maximum is N10,000,000. Its interest rate is 16%.

6. Chaka

Chaka is an Investment app meant for local trading and global stock exchange. Its services are in over 40 countries.

With the help of this app, you can track your investments with ease.

The Chaka shares app is loved because of its help in getting its users to trade local and global stocks.

There is a calculator on this app which can assist you in calculating investment shares and their prices.

Which Share Is Best To Buy Now In Nigeria?

I recommend Morison as the currently best-profitable stock in the Nigerian market as of today.

Its market capitalization is at N1.968 billion with N2.129 thousand as its daily trading volume with its stock price of N1.99 only. Morison’s company also has cleaning and healthcare products.

How To Buy Best Shares In Nigeria

So many Nigerians do not know how to buy a share. Well, I do not blame them anyway. Below are the steps to take while considering buying a share.

  • Open any Nigerian brokerage account of your choice
  • Complete the account opening form which is known as the Central Securities Clearing Systems (CSCS) 
  • Fund your brokerage account to get started
  • Take into consideration and submit a trade offer.

Am I Eligible To Buy Nigerian Stock Online?

Online options to buy stock are widely open for everyone interested in online stock, hence, you are qualified to go for online stock if it is your decision.

Trading options, such as trade securities can be traded online or any other trading instrument can be used to trade online.

You can also let your broker proceed to buy stocks to your account anytime you want, investment options, such as bonds are not restricted to buying online.

Which Stocker Is Best In Buying Shares In Nigeria?

Brokers or stockers are most times rated as the best due to their rate in minimum account deposit. In Nigeria, there are just three stockers which have emerged as international online stockers. These brokerage firms are:

  • XTB
  • ActivTrades

The XTB has a minimum deposit of $0, the ActivTrades with a minimum opening of $500 and with an account opening of $20 minimum.

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How Do I Buy Shares As A Beginner?

In this case, if this is your first time of buying shares in Nigeria, then I recommend the below steps as useful and important to you.

  • Do not get carried away by trends
  • Make a proper research
  • Always invest what you can afford to lose
  • Try to avoid a significant amount of interest rate
  • You should not be greedy to the market.

Bank Shares To Buy In Nigeria

Rating from Nigerian bank shares with their market capitalization, Zenith bank stock emerged as the most active stock to buy from the Nigerian banks.

Apart from Zenith bank, there are other banks whose shares are worth buying and below are these banks:

  • Zenithbank

Market cap – N850.85 billion

  • Stanbic IBTC

Market Cap – N453.49 billion

  • Firstbank

Market Cap – N412.8 billion

  • GTbank

Market Cap – N791.69 billion

  • Accessbank

Market Cap – N367.89 billion

  • UBA

Market Cap – N295.83 billion

  • FCMB

Market Cap – N61.39 billion

  • Unionbank

Market Cap – N283.46 billion

  • Wemabank

Market Cap – N37.03 billion

  • Fidelitybank

Market Cap – N86.92 billion

  • Ecobank

Market Cap – N219.28

  • Sterlingbank

Market Cap – N47.22 billion


How to buy shares in Nigeria

What Is The Minimum Amount Of Shares I Can Buy?

As a beginner into stock and investing, experts recommend a minimum holding of 10-15 stocks if you care about your interest.

Generally, there is no minimum or maximum amount of stock you can hold, provided that your capital can get them.

Nigerian Telecommunication Network Shares

Telecommunication networks in Nigeria, such as MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile also have stocks which you can also buy below are these companies stock price and how to afford it.

1. Airtel

The recent share price of AIRTELAFRI is running at N1,728.20, hence, to get a share or airtel you need a minimum of N1,728.20 to proceed.

How To Buy AIRTELAFRI Shares

Below are steps to consider in getting to buy Airtel shares.

  • Choose a broker
  • Create an account
  • Make your first deposit depending on how much the stocker is demanding for
  • On the brokerage app, search for AAF
  • You can proceed to making research about AAF
  • Buy AAF.

2. MTN share is currently at N169.00 which literally says you need N269.00 to get MTN shares.

How To Buy MTN Share

Below are steps and requirements to have when pushing for MTN shares.

  • Have a registered account with PrimaryOffer 
  • Deposit your amount depending on what your broker requiring
  • Using your account, search for MTN
  • Make you research. However, it depends on you to do your research and decide if to get the MTN shares or not.
  • Purchase your MTN shares.

In buying an MTN shares you need to match these requirements,

  • You must be able to apply for 20 MTN shares and multiple of 20 shares thereafter (minimum)
  • You must have a valid BVN to register and get your MTN shares in PrimaryOffer
  • To qualify to get this stock you must have a CHN and a CSCS account on PrimaryOffer

3. Glo

ContourGlobal shares is N7.50, hence, you need the mentioned amount to get a share in GLO.

How To Buy ContourGlobal Shares

These are simple steps to take when buying ContourGlobal shares

  • Choose a brokerage firm
  • Get your account registered
  • Deposit into your account, a minimum of what the brokerage body is requiring
  • Search for GLO on the broker’s platform
  • Study more on this stock
  • Decide if to purchase it or not

4. 9mobile

9mobile telecommunication network is only set to be listed on stock market, it is yet to register a stock, therefore, for now 9mobile does not exist in stock.

Methods Of Buying Shares

There is only a single method assumed to buy shares in Nigeira, which is the same thing as how to buy shares in Nigeria. Below are the steps involve in this buying shares:

  • Firstly, before doing anything proceed to make findings on which brokerage firm could best for you.
  • Proceed to choosing your broker and register your account 
  • Make completion of the Central Securities Clearing Systems (CSCS) account opening form
  • Make deposit to your brokerage account
  • Place a trade order when you are ready.

How Many Shares Of Stock Should You Buy As A Beginner?

As an advanced investor, there is no restriction to have up to 20 – 60 shares with different portfolios but as a beginner you are entitled to have 10 – 15 stocks with different portfolios according to stock experts.

That does not mean that you are restricted to not pass that amount, of course, you are not restricted. You can always have even 100 stocks if you have the money to fund it and decide on it.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Buy Shares With App?

Definitely yes, you can buy shares with apps. There is no restriction as to who to purchase a stock using a mobile app and some of these app which could be use to buy stocks are:

  • Rise
  • I-invest
  • E*Trade
  • Nerdwallet
  • SoFi
  • Fidelity
  • TradeStation
  • Vanguard
  • Charles Schwab
  • Piggyvest
  • Chaka
  • PrimaryOffer
  • Robinhood
  • Acorns
  • Webull
  • Betterment
  • M1 Finance
  • Stash
  • Merrill Edge
  • Ally Invest
  • J.P. Morgan

Does Buying Shares In Nigeria Worth It?

Well, it depends. Buying shares in Nigeria is worth it in some sense.  It depends on the investor. As a guru investor will always say ‘buy low and sell high’.

You stand a great chance of making it in buying stocks if you spot them performing well at a lower price. 

You can buy a stock and for the amount of years you want at a lower price and gain your interest when it has risen, it all depends on your marketing strategies.

Buying a small amount of stock is good for you if you are a beginner. If you are an advanced investor, you can choose to double up your investment but know that the more you double your investment, the more you are vulnerable to market risk.

Meanwhile, you can find other Online Business That Pays Without Investment

Can I Sell Shares In Nigeria?

Yes, you can sell your shares through your brokerage firm. 

If you are holding a direct share, you can either sell them by placing a direct trade online or contacting your broker for more alternatives.

Just so you know that you will be charge while exchanging the legal title ownership of the shares.

Can I Buy Shares On My Own?

The possibility of you buying shares on your own is %100.

You can even sell shares if you have a brokerage account with one or many brokers. After registering for a brokerage account with a broker, always remember to make connections to your bank account.

This is because you need to link your brokerage account to your bank account as a means of depositing money to your brokerage account to start investing.


Investing in Nigerian stock(s) is profitable to anyone who has a high level of understanding the market.

To buy shares easily in Nigeria, I recommend (just like I did in the article) to process a brokerage account which you could easily buy and sell shares from the comfort of your home.

You might be scared of depositing your money on a mobile app you do not trust but the truth behind the apps I mentioned earlier is that there are safe for your deposits and information, those apps are robo-advisor, hence, their work is to make sure that both your money and personal information are not disclosed outside their platforms.

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