how to check Vodabucks balance

How to check Vodabucks balance – Find Out Now!

If you are still having issues with how to check vodabucks balance, consider it solved because I have addressed everything involved in accessing your vodabucks balance in this article.

Unlike banks, when we make transactions, we get a report of our balance. Well, not all paytech companies issue this report to us. Vodacom does not, and this could make us want to know our vodabucks balance if we want to proceed with any transaction with Vodacom. In some situations, we might try to purchase using vodabucks but end up experiencing an error which could be so disappointed, however, do not think that there is no way to check your vodabucks balance, there is a way and in this article, I will be guiding you on how to check vodabucks balance, where to check vodabucks balance and everything you need to know regarding checking vodabucks balance.

Without wasting time, let us proceed –

How To Check Vodabucks Balance

As a Vodacom user, you are qualified to use three ways and check your vodabucks balance. Each of these ways are not heavy tasks, I would say they are micro-tasks, however, below are the ways on how to check vodabucks balance

  • Vodacom online; VodaPay 2.0, My Vodacom App, Portal and Mobisite
  • USSD code; *133#
  • You can choose to contact Vodabucks through WhatsApp on 082 009 8624

Aside from these ways, you can still visit a nearby Vodacom outlet. A few minutes from now, I will be guiding you on where to check vodabucks balance.

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Where To Check Vodabucks Balance

Vodacom has more than a place to inquire about your vodabucks balance. Below are where to check vodabucks balance

  • Mobile App; My Vodacom App, VodaPay 2.0
  • You can use the USSD code which is *133# to check your vodabucks balance
  • Vodacom portal and site is available for accessing your vodabucks balance
  • The Vodacom outlet can help you check your vodabucks balance

In the event of an error when trying to view your vodabucks balance, you can contact Vodacom on WhatsApp at 082 009 8624. A few minutes from now, I will guiding you on how to check vodacom balance

How To Check Vodacom Balance

There ways in checking vodacom balance but one of these ways is easily operated. Below is a guide on how to check vodacom balance

  • Using your Vodacom sim dial *135# and follow instructions displayed on your phone’s screen.

You can choose to dial the USSD code as *135*# to display your vodacom balance without following instructions which would’ve been displayed on your phone’s screen. 

How Do I Check My Vodabucks Account With Vodacom

You can simply check your vodabucks account with your vodacom by dialing *135*# or contacting Vodacom at 082 009 8624 through WhatsApp.

Can I Grow My Vodabucks Balance

Yes, you can grow your vodabucks balance, to grow your vodabucks balance you need the vodacom app. Few minutes from now, I will be guiding you on ‘how do I grow my vodabucks balance?’ –

How Do I Grow My Vodabucks Balance

Just as I stated earlier, you need the vodacom mobile app to grow your vodabucks balance. Below are the steps on how do I grow my vodabucks balance

  • Daily Game: To grow your vodabucks balance, vodacom issues daily free games. And you get one free daily unlock on USSD, 2 free on My Vodacom App
  • Complete Goals: Which time you complete personalized goals on vodacom app, you are eligible to earn more vodabucks
  • Mega Unlock: To gain more vodabucks, you can choose to buy a mega unlock 
  • Vodabucks store: To purchase at vodabucks store subject you to earning more vodabucks; if you purchase any item worth R10, you will earn 1 vodabuck

There are also ways on how to earn vodabucks, and I will be guiding you on that a few minutes from now.

How To Earn Vodabucks

Irrespective of your vodacom status, as a user of vodacom you can still earn vodabucks with The Vodacom App. Below are steps on how to earn vodabucks

  • You will earn vodabucks if you ever buy airtime at vodacom store
  • Buying data bundle at vodacom store
  • And purchase mega unlock at the vodacom store

What Can I Purchase With Vodabucks Balance

While vodabucks can not be redeemed for cash, you can make payment of bills, airtime and data bundle with vodabucks. You are also entitled to different rewards, such as, electronic appliances, traveling rewards and more.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Bank My Vodabucks?

Yes, you can bank your vodabucks every week, and it must necessarily be earned vodabucks.

Can I Check Vodafone Data Balance Via USSD Codes?

Yes, you can check your Vodafone data balance via USSD code, just dial *199*2*2# to access your Vodafone data balance.


When having issues with checking your vodabucks balance, you can reach out to Vodacom for special assistance. All you need to do is send 082 009 8624 WhatsApp messages requesting help on checking your vodabucks balance, however, I have addressed everything you need to know regarding how to check vodabucks balance in this article, I have also answered questions such as how do I grow my vodabucks balance and others.

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