how to get a kfc black card

How To Get A KFC Black Card; Find Out Now!

How to get a KFC black card or obtaining a KFC black card can be a most difficult task to complete, but do not be carried away by its difficulty, because after reading this article till the end, you will find it easier on how to get a KFC black card.

Before guiding you on the subject matter, know that a KFC black card is a license itself which guarantees you free food at KFC stores, wow! Do you see how amazing that is? Now, imagine taking flavorsome chicken from KFC anytime you feel like it without paying or stealing just because you have access to the KFC black card or a license which guarantees you free food at KFC stores and at this point, you might be wondering how to get a KFC black card.

So, in this article, not just that I will be guiding you on how to get a KFC black card but also telling you who has a KFC black card and everything you need to know regarding KFC black card.

Without wasting much time, let me start guiding you on how to get a KFC black card.

how to get a kfc black card

How To Get A KFC Black Card

There is no exact way on how to get a KFC black card, but Analyzing from a known black card holder, Joey Essex’s story, the KFC black card is somewhat related to celebrity status.

Although a great partnership with KFC can also subject you to obtaining a KFC black but this is not certain. Scrolling back to 2019 when KFC partner, Call of Duty pledged to KFC to provide one of its 16 content creators a KFC black card after suffering a total blackout in a tournament.

However, the KFC black card is not purchasable even at the KFC stores. 

From what Joey Essex revealed in 2017 you could only confirm the KFC card lookalike and slightly its features, Joey Essex said “I have got a black card, it’s metal and everything. You can also get a £200 meal a day on it. So I am just wallop and give them this card and getting bare KFC everywhere.”

So, you see, getting a KFC black card is more difficult than you thought but there are claims that during the KFC membership programmes, such as The Colonel’s club, KFC black cards are given to selected individuals or winners in an exclusive competition during these membership programs.

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Where Can I Get A KFC Black Card?

Just as I stated earlier, getting a KFC black card is not easy, furthermore, there is no location on where you can get a KFC black card but you can always get in contact with KFC because they might have a program or competition which could subject any person who is recognized as the winner of the program or competition to holding a KFC black card and you might not be far away from being the lucky winner.

What Can I Buy With A KFC Black Card?

On a single day at The KFC, a KFC black cardholder can freely eat a meal of £200, it is incredible, isn’t it? But to most people, finishing a chicken worth £200 is impossible.

Who Has A KFC Black Card?

The KFC black card holders are not disclosed, and it remains a guarded secret to KFC, KFC however does not have any intention of disclosing The Spratt card (KFC black card) holders.

In recent years, there are only assumptions about who is holding the Spratt card. Below are some famous persons who have a KFC black card

  • Ed Sheeran
  • James Spratt
  • Joey Essex

However, The KFC black card is not the only way to get free food from this franchise. Later on in this guide, i will be showing you how to get a free food at KFC.

How To Get A Free Food At KFC

Aside from The KFC black card, there are ways on how to get a free food on KFC

1. Purchasing With KFC:
From the KFC Colonel’s Club Scheme, membership of The Colonel’s Club allows you to gather points from every KFC purchase in the mobile app which can be redeemed in exchange for a portion of free food and drink at KFC.

2. Levels of Reward:
It is published on
KFC website that the Colonel’s Club has three simple levels of rewards which are; 3, 7 and 11. Whenever you earn any of these reward levels, you smile home with free KFC items.

Frequently Asked Questions 


Does KFC Give Gift Cards?

No, KFC does not offer gift cards for free except if you want to purchase them. The KFC gift card can be purchased at The KFC store or online.

Can I Use A KFC Black Card Anywhere?

KFC black cards are accepted at The KFC stores. Literally, you can eat free chicken worth £200 at any KFC store without paying if you have a KFC black card.

Does The KFC Black Card Expire?

No, KFC black cards do not expire, unlike some cards which are used for purchasing. KFC entitles you to a free meal worth £200 daily.


Due to KFC’s black card benefits, it is not easy to gain the Spratt card. Most people would take the advantage of loitering at the KFC stores if they were given the KFC black card, however, I have addressed everything you need to know concerning KFC black card in this article, this includes how to get a KFC black card, who has a KFC black card and every other related issue regarding KFC black card.

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