How To Get Amazon Storefront – Full Guide On How To Get Amazon Store Front

Using the Amazon storefront to generate passive income is what digital marketers do to generate $100 daily and deal with their debtors, but the big question here is, how do they get this Amazon storefront? 

With this Amazon storefront, they can design a genuine brand for themselves,  grow their mobile shopping experience and do a lot of things and generate more income than most offline workers.

In this article, I will not hold back on discussing with you what an Amazon storefront is, how to get an Amazon storefront and how you can make use of it. Let us proceed to what is considered an Amazon storefront.

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What Is Amazon Storefront?

Amazon storefront is a platform created and designed for small-scale businesses and advanced businesses to use as a medium to contact more clients and offer their products and services directly on Amazon.

What Is The Purpose Of Amazon Storefront?

Amazon storefront is a digital means of rendering small-scale and mid-scale business products and services on the Amazon platform with the aim of gaining traffic which can generate income. With this business strategy, you can also improve your digital marketing strategies.

Benefits Of Amazon Storefront

There are severe benefits attached to Amazon storefront and Amazon sellers are no exception to these benefits. These benefits help them in their business strategies. 

Below are the benefits attached to Amazon storefront:

  • Store insights dashboard
  • Less competitive ads
  • Addition of multiple pages and subcategories 
  • Assisted brand destination
  • Creativity and experience 
  • Traffics are pushed directly to your storefront 

How Do I Create Storefront Page On Amazon?

To create a storefront page on Amazon is the same as to sign up for a storefront page on Amazon. As a small business operator, manager or director you can derive more information and confirm the requirements needed to create an Amazon storefront page. 

To proceed to create a storefront on Amazon you need to enable the below steps to get started:

  • Your Amazon display name
  • Valid email address 
  • Your product line
  • What brand you are into (optional/if any)
  • The address of your company

Amazon from here will review your information and contact you back concerning your business category availability.

If your business category is available, you will be qualified to set up your storefront on Amazon. Till today, it is not disclosed if you will have to pay for the storefront or not or if your state on amazon will change as an Amazon seller.

To manifest the Amazon storefront, below are steps to guide you:

  • Proceed to create a storefront by clicking on the store’s tab and tapping on manage stores
  • Click the create store button and choose your brand
  • Select your brand display name and your brand logo
  • Create your home page
  • Promote your storefront by adding page sections, thumbnails and images on your products.

How Can I Improve My Amazon Storefront

You might be generating traffic to generate income if you have not improved your Amazon storefront but the income you will generate can not be compared to the income of another Amazon seller who has improved his storefront.

To participate in improving your Amazon business, I believe the below is helpful:

  • Make your customers’ needs your target
  • Give a quality brand story
  • Make it possible for your business performance to match your brand strategies
  • Apply high-quality images to your products
  • Issue an opinion section to your consumers

How To Customize Your Storefront URL On Amazon

Apart from improving your Amazon storefront business on Amazon, there is some other thing that is important, this is to customize your storefront URL on Amazon.

Below are steps to customize your storefront URL:

  • Log in to your seller central account
  • Click the setting button and proceed to select account info
  • Click on the display namelink
  • Choose appropriate marketplace and click the edit link with the store details 
  • Confirm that the storefront name is yet to be used

(If the storefront name has been used, it will display an exclamation sign with red color but if the storefront name is yet to be used it will display a green exclamation sign on your screen).

  • Click on submit to save and make the URL get under your possession once you are done with it.

Is It Free To Make An Amazon Storefront?

Amazon storefront is free for Amazon sellers. Its users display and advertise their products on the  Amazon platform to generate traffic that leads to sales. 

Amazon also has free tools which you can use to analyze your marketing strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can Anyone Have An Amazon Storefront?

Logically, not everyone is entitled to have an Amazon storefront, this is because the business is available for anyone who is advertising and selling on Amazon.

Anyone working as an Amazon seller needs to have a brand and must register their brand with Amazon to earn approval to have an Amazon storefront.

Can I Sell My Products On Amazon Storefront?

Yes, the Amazon storefront is meant for you to advertise, generate traffic and sell your products. Only Amazon sellers are entitled to proceed with selling their products on the Amazon storefront.

Does Amazon Storefront Promote My Brand?

As much as possible, the Amazon storefront is a good medium for promoting your business. In Amazon, you meet with different people with different ideas that patronize your business.

Can I Make Money On Amazon Storefront?

The primary aim of the Amazon storefront is to generate income from your products and services. But you can always choose to focus on promoting your brand before aiming to make money.


As an Amazon seller with a storefront, you stand a good chance of taking your small-scale business or advanced business to a higher level. On Amazon you meet different people with different ideas, hence, you exchange ideas with them and help to promote your brand. 

Talking about the population of consumers on Amazon, Amazon is a big online market with multi-users and these multi-users want to take advantage of making money by selling products and services to Amazon buyers.

Since there are many sellers on the market, Amazon introduced the storefront.

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