How To Get BVN Number (Check it out now)

Are you still finding it difficult on how to get a BVN number? Or did you misplace your BVN and need help on how to get it back? If the above is your problem then this article is meant for you. 

In this article, I will be guiding you on how you can get your BVN ready using a straightforward way, along with how you can check your BVN details. Without wasting your time, let us proceed to what I have for you today.

How to get a BVN number

How To Get BVN Number

Basically, there are two ways in which you can obtain your BVN number from. These two ways are, via bank and online.

To register for the BVN number in the bank, you need to match the requirements which are needed to process the BVN. Therefore the below are steps in obtaining a BVN number from the bank

  • Visit any nearby bank or any one of your choice
  • Get the BVN enrollment form from the bank and fill the necessary spaces correctly. The basic details needed to be filled in the spaces are, your name, D.O.B, nationality, state of origin, address, means of BVN verification, employment status and mobile number.
  • Your biometric details will be taken (fingerprints, photograph and signature)
  • A Ticket Id will be sent to you
  • Your BVN will be processed and sent to the number you used to register for the BVN number.

For Online Registration, please note that you can not complete your BVN registration online, you will have to visit the bank at some point to complete your BVN enrollment. 

Below are the steps involved in how to get your BVN online.

  • Sign up on or 
  • Select your location
  • Click on the BVN enrollment tab
  • Make sure you read BVN enrolment Instruction and understand
  • Download the BVN enrolment form
  • Set a date for BVN biometric provision day
  • After setting a day for your Biometric capturing print the appointment booking slip
  • Visit the BVN enrollment centre on the date written on your BVN appointed booking slip with the requirements which are, Valid ID (NIN slip, international passport, driver’s license, Voter’s card or national identity card)
  • Valid passport photograph
  • Enrollment fee, if already paid, provide payment of the enrollment fee.

BVN Registration Portal

There are several platforms which issue online BVN registration. The most common of these platforms are, www.vfsglobal and

With these websites, you are one step forward in getting your BVN number.

How To Get BVN Number

All dependent banks in Nigeria help their users to obtain their bank verification number. With Access bank, Ecobank, Zenith bank and lot of other banks, you can easily get your bvn and stop worrying about how to get BVN number registered.

How Can I Check My BVN details?

You can check your bank verification number if you lost it. The BVN number which is usually 11-digits can be checked using a Ussd code. To check your BVN number using ussd code,

  • Dial *565*0# on the mobile number you provided for the BVN registration
  • The Nigerian interbank settlement system known as the NIBSS will be sent an eleven-digit code to your mobile phone, and the eleven-digit code is your BVN. 

Checking your BVN using the Ussd code, N20 charges is applied.

How Can I Update My BVN Details?

There are four ways in which you can use to update/link your BVN number and these ways are, 

  • BVN linking via internet banking
  • BVN linking via ATM
  • BVN linking via SMS
  • BVN linking via 737 BVN linker

The steps in each of these ways are

1.  BVN linking via internet banking –

  • •Proceed to use the Internet banking portal
  • •Make selection of the BVN linker which is located on the left-hand of the portal
  • Click on new request
  • Insert your BVN
  • Select the bank you registered your BVN
  • Answer the questions issued to you and continue.

2. BVN linking via ATM –

  • Insert your ATM card into the ATM
  • Check the ATM screen for the BVN link and click on it
  • Enter your BVN
  • Check to confirm your BVN details and click ‘submit’.

3. BVN linking via SMS –

  • Simply text your BVN details to 08076665555 to link your BVN.

4. BVN linking via 737 BVN linker –

  • Dial *737*20*BVN# to link your BVN

How Can I Identify BVN Number

You can identify a BVN number by seeing one. The BVN number is usually 11-digit issued from the NIBSS. Most BVN numbers I have seen start with ‘2’ but that does not mean all BVN start with ‘2’.

How Many BVN Can I Have?

It is illegal to have more than one BVN, aside from that, processing your second BVN is difficult but your database is already created, hence you can only retrieve your BVN if you lost it and not register for a new one. 

You might end up being watchful by the EFCC if you process your second BVN.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Create BVN With My Phone?

Yes, you can create a BVN number using your phone. With the help of online enrollment, you can register for your BVN but you can not complete the registration process. lastly, you will need to visit the nearby bank to complete the registration process.

Can I Have Two BVN?

No, it is not right to go around with two BVN. Having two BVN means that you have given the bank fake details of yours which is a crime and is highly prohibited. If you are caught in this act, you might face severe consequences.

Can My BVN Be Blocked?

The CBN is the body which can process to block your BVN. Your BVN can be blocked if illegal transactions are detected in your bank, hence, fraud can get your BVN blocked and restrict you from making transactions.


The best way on how to get a BVN number or how to register for a BVN number is to go to the bank. Online registration is legit but you will still have to visit the nearby bank to complete the registration.

Always make sure to keep your BVN safe because another BVN number can not be issued to you once the first is created, you can choose to safeguard your BVN with your bank.

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