How To Measure A Vest For eBay

Are you looking for guides on how to measure a vest for eBay?

You see, when purchasing a vest on eBay or any online store you need to purchase the size of what you want for fitness reasons, hence you can not make a perfect purchase if you do not have the measurement of the vest you want to purchase, therefore, I have taken into consideration of helping you on “how to measure a vest for eBay”.

This article’s context is very related to purchasing and knowing the sizes of the clothes you make on eBay.

I would not hold back in explaining to you in full detail “how you can measure a vest on eBay” as we proceed to “how you can measure online”.

How Do I Measure For Online?

Not just once but I have seen situations where people do not use a measuring tape to take measurements of someone or something, in some cases, these people are known as experts. 

They only need to look at the person or something that needs the measurement and assume the size to be correct and they get it wrong on the measurement a few times. 

Do you know how embarrassing it will be to order a fitted vest and get something out of your order? Check out what are the requirements and steps to make an accurate measurement:


  • A flexible measuring medium (tape).
  • A writing medium.
  • Help from someone.
  • A standard Mirror.
  • Your Normal undergarment.
  • Fitted clothes.


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For accurate Neck measurement, consider the below useful:

  • Grab the flexible measuring tape between the zero point and the middle.
  • Position the tape at the back of your neck.
  • Take the zero end around one side of your neck and the second end of the measuring tape around the other side.
  • Meet the starting point of the tape with the other half.
  • And jot down the measurement you took.


For Inseam measurement:

  • Roll up your measuring tape, make sure the starting point of the tape is on the outside of the roll.
  • Hold the starting point of the measuring tape as high up on your inner thigh as you can.
  • Let your measuring tape unroll to the floor as you hold the zero point of the tape.
  • Check and confirm that your tape is not twisted.
  • Place the starting point of the measuring tape at the start of your thigh and bend over at your hips.
  • And confirm the number that sits just after your ankle or the number leveled at the middle of your shoe’s heel.
  • Pen down the measurement as your inseam.


For accurate Hips measurement 

  • Stand straight with your legs together and part of your body balanced.
  • Position the starting point of the tape which is zero at the front of your hips.
  • Wrap the measuring tape around your backside and bring the other end to the front.
  • Confirm that the measuring tape is not twisted and that it is parallel to the floor.
  • Adjust the tape so it’s taut but not uncomfortably tight so you will not make a bad measurement.
  • You are now done with your hips measurement.


Waist measurement 

  • Position the starting point of your measuring tape which is usually “Zero” at the front of your body.
  • Wrap the measuring tape around your waist and bring it back to your front.
  • Check for confirmation that the measuring tape is not twisted and also parallel to the floor.
  • Pull your measuring tape so it is fitted and comfortable.
  • Match the starting point and the end point of the measuring tape with what is in front of you.
  • Mark down the number as your waist size.


Arms measurement

  • Slightly drop your arm at your elbow, make sure it does not exceed 90 degrees.
  • Put the starting point of your measuring tape at the tip of your shoulder.
  • Control the tape along your arm to avoid inaccuracy, 
  • Keep the measuring tape untwisted on your arm.
  • Take down your arms measurement.


For your Bust measurement:

  • Hold the starting point of the tape and bring the remainder behind your back.
  • Try to bring the end of the tape toward your front for accuracy.
  • Place on your tape around the fullest point of your bust.
  • Make clear that the tape is parallel to the floor, using the mirror for confirmation.
  • Pull the tape so it fits as you want but really tight.
  • Write your bust measurement.

How To Measure A Vest For eBay?

Measuring a vest for eBay is simple. However, this is not the same with everyone. However, below are steps on how to measure a best for eBay –


  • First of all measure from behind the shoulder seam to the second shoulder seam.
  • Measured the armpit to the next armpit respectively.
  • Measure the body of the vest from end to end.
  • Measure the vest length by measuring behind from the neck of the vest to the down.
  • For sleeve measurement, measure from the shoulder seam down to the sleeve end as the case may be.
  • Measure from the armpit to the sleeve end.
  • You see, that is just so simple to do. Depending on the clothes you are purchasing, you can always use the measurement guidelines on the above.

Frequently Asked Questions 


Can You Put Text On eBay Photos?

As an eBay seller, adding text to photos is allowed on eBay as long as it does not violate rules.

Does eBay Sizes Matter?

How will you feel if you spent €5 on a vest without wearing it and were unable to refund it? It hurts so much. That is why size matters on eBay, you need accurate measurements to ensure you do not purchase what you will not like.

Can I Use photo as my Jacket measurement on eBay?

Sizes in pictures can not be identified by just looking at them, even using measurement tape can not identify their size. Using photos as a means of measurement on eBay is not a good idea.

Can I Use Mirror To Measure My Vest On eBay?

To get your vest measurement correct, below are the requirements you should provide when measuring for a vest on eBay:

  • A flexible measuring medium (tape)
  • A writing medium
  • Help from someone
  • Mirror
  • Your Normal undergarment
  • Fitted clothes

Can I Measure For Jackets On eBay?

It is simple to measure for eBay jackets if you can measure for coats. Your measurements should revolve around the shoulder seams, armpits, sleeve, length and size of the jacket.


With the help of A flexible measurement medium (tape), A writing medium, a Mirror, Your Normal undergarments and Fitted clothes you can always determine the size of your vest and make an order on eBay. 

If you can not still use these tools to take your measurements, then it would be better to call for the help of someone who knows how to take measurements to take you on it, you can call a tailor or a seamstress.

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