How to redeem vodabucks

How To Redeem Vodabucks – Find Out Now!

In this article, we will be showing you how to redeem vodabucks

So, if you might have had issues with redeeming your vodabucks, do not panic, because everything you need to know regarding how to redeem vodabucks is in this article.

Imagine how you could exchange vodabucks for airtime, data, food, household rewards, travel rewards, electronic appliances, and fashion rewards, you see how great that is? But then, you need to redeem these vodabucks to access any of its offers. However, despite how easy it is to redeem vodabucks and use them for any of the above offers, most individuals still find it difficult to redeem their vodabucks, and this contributes to why most of our readers ask how to redeem vodabucks.

Just like I stated earlier, I will be guiding you on how to redeem vodabucks, where to redeem vodabucks, and every other thing you need to know concerning how to redeem vodabucks.

Without wasting time, let us proceed –

How To Redeem Vodabucks

There are just six ways on how to redeem vodabucks and each of these ways does not involve many steps. Below are ways on how to redeem vodabucks

  • Via the Vodacom mobile app
  • Visiting any nearby Vodacom outlet
  • Via USSD code; *135*7#
  • Via sending ‘TP’ to 30150
  • Calling 082135 with your Vodacom number

However, the most reliable ways on how to redeem vodabucks are; via USSD code, *135*7#, and via the Vodacom mobile app. A few minutes from now, I will be guiding you on where to redeem vodabuck.

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Where To Redeem Vodabucks

There are only two places that can help you in redeeming vodabucks, and below are where to redeem vodabucks

  • Through online
  • Vodacom outlet

Using the online method, you can choose to use the Vodacom site, Vodacom app, or The Vodacom 2.0 app. In less than a minute from now, I will be guiding you on when to redeem my vodabucks.

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When To Redeem My Vodabucks

Vodacom consumers are eligible to use 1 vodabucks to purchase up to 5 additional shakes per day or 5 vodabucks daily to unlock a mega chance of winning. Less amount of vodabucks can still get you airtime and data.

how to redeem vodabucks

How Much Does Vodacom Charge For Redeeming Vodabucks?

Vodacom does not charge its users for redeeming their vodabucks for items in the vodabucks store, it is free for every Vodacom user.

Why Should I Redeem Vodabucks?

Redeemed vodabucks can get you food, fashion wears, and even electronic tools, and more. By redeeming your vodabucks as a student, you stand a good chance of getting a voucher that guarantees you free online courses or free fitness classes.

Where Can I Use My VodaBucks?

Vodabucks can only be used at one place, which is the Vodabucks store which can only be accessed from the Vodacom app. Aside from the Vodacom app, you can also check or visit the vodabucks store using the web version, Vodacom. A few minutes from now, I will be guiding you on how to earn free vodabucks

How To Earn Free Vodabucks

To earn more and free vodabucks, there are micro tasks you need to perform, and below are how to earn free vodabucks

  •  You need to achieve your personalized behavioural goal
  • Make bills payment
  • Recharge your sim card
  • Buy a data bundle 

You will be eligible for exclusive offers the more vodabucks you earn.

Which App Can I Earn Vodabucks?

For more advantages of earning vodabucks, you need to have The ‘My Vodacom App’, you can download it in your phone’s play store if you do not have one or reach out to Vodacom customer service for help.

What Is The Value Of Vodabucks?

1 vodabucks is a result of spent R10, so, to earn the virtual currency you need to spend a minimum of R10 on Vodacom to be eligible for this vodabucks.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can You Transfer Vodabucks To Another Number?

No, Vodabucks can not be transferred to other Vodacom customers. To redeem vodabucks for cash is impossible. The virtual currency can only be used at the Vodacom store online.

Can You Use Vodabucks To Buy Data?

Yes, you can use vodabucks to buy data. If you do not have several vodabucks which could give you the data bundle you need, you can buy the data bundle on Vodacom with your airtime balance and credit card.

Does Vodabucks Expire?

No, earned vodabucks do not expire, but will only be available for use during the promotion.


Using My Vodacom App is very easy when redeeming your vodabucks for Vodacom items, though they can be technical issues at times while redeeming your vodabucks, that should not be the issue because you can always check on moreearn for assistance, however, I have addressed everything you need to know regarding how to redeem vodabucks, I have also gone further to address other related issues, such as; what is the value of vodabucks, when to redeem vodabucks and others.

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