How To Sell VeRO Items On eBay

There are situations in which you want to assist an individual or an organized entity to market their product using the eBay platform but you can not because the products you want to sell are from another store and known as VeRO items on eBay, but there is a way on how to sell VeRO items on eBay.

In this article, I will be explaining in full detail “how you can sell VeRO items on eBay”.

Is it a big deal to sell VeRO items on eBay? Let us leave this question for now and focus on ” how you can make sales from VeRO items using the eBay marketplace, in this article are explanations of how VeRO items work on eBay.

What Are VeRO Products On eBay?

The act of listing or products that break the rules of the manufacturer’s rights is not allowed on eBay.

But eBay has created a feature known as Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) with the aim to help the owner or manufacturer to report any form that breaks their rules on items’ possession rights.

It is simple to say that eBay has a program in which an owner of a product can report any form of copyright on his products or services.

How to sell VeRO items on eBay is quite easy if you are authorized by the brand you are issuing their products for sale. On using certain words, you need to be approved by eBay to successfully sell this VeRO item on eBay. 

On eBay, only verified resellers are eligible to sell VeRO products, aside from that you need to match the terms of the product given by the owner.

How Do You Identify VeRO Items?

On eBay, there is a list called the VeRO list. In the list, you can only find VeRO products listed for reselling. These products are being protected by VeRO policy that if any of them are found on your listed product, you might be flagged for copyright or get your account banned for a related reason.

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Is Apple On VeRO eBay?

The truth is that you can not spot Apple products on VeRO eBay but they can be similar, such as “earphones for Apple phones”. 

Attempting to resell Apple products on eBay is a violation itself.

Hence, eBay might decide to ban you from selling again in the eBay marketplace.

How Do I Report Copyright Infringement On eBay?

Reporting copyright violations on eBay, eBay suggests that you contact them directly at or fax (801) 757-9521.

To report this violation, make sure the violation notice is sent to the above address. The reseller who has violated the copyright rules will not be notified of it.

How Do I Block Unauthorized Sellers On eBay?

It is impossible to pass the judgment of blocking unauthorized sellers on eBay but you can lead them to get their accounts blocked.

As I started in “how do I report copyright infringement on eBay”, you can report sellers and not block them.

What Percentage Does eBay Take?

It is certain that eBay gets a percentage of the products you sell on the eBay marketplace. Depending on what you sold on eBay, you can either go home with a significant amount of money or not. 

The average percentage in which eBay keeps has their share is 12.9% as of 2022, $0.32 per order fee is attached.

How Do You Identify A Reseller?

The brand name resellers use to generate sales are not theirs, hence, you can identify a reseller by:

  • Checking for his brand on google.
  • And do your research concerning his policies.
  • Then try to emerge from the two things and check if they match.

Items That Are Not Sold On eBay

Depending on the policy and the nature of a business, products, services, rules and regulations can be restricted. On eBay, there are products which can not be sold and you might face a penalty if you force the product to be sold.

Below are types of products which can not be allowed for selling on eBay:

  • Adults only.
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia.
  • Embargoed goods and prohibited countries.
  • Firearms, weapons and knives.
  • Government, transit, postal items and official items policy.
  • Hazardous, restricted, or regulated materials.
  • Items encouraging illegal activity.
  • Lock-picking devices.

Why Is eBay Deleting My Listings?

To confirm that eBay is the right online market to buy and sell, eBay works with sellers and buyers of the platform and deletes copyright products as requested by the seller. 

This online marketplace can choose to delete your listing due to a violation of rules. Nevertheless, violation of rules on eBay can lead to an account ban.

What Is A Serious Violation Of eBay?

There is no serious violation on eBay, very violation of rules on eBay can lead to the following result:

  • Administratively ending or cancelling listings.
  • Hiding or demoting all listings from search results. 
  • Lowering seller rating.
  • Buying or selling restrictions.
  • Account suspension.

Why Are eBay’s Fees So High?

The higher fee on eBay is caused by the numerous eBay accounts which exist. Literally, eBay charges sellers for platform management.

There are over 187 million shoppers on eBay, eBay takes these charges from these shoppers to provide buyers and sellers with fraud protection and discounted shipping rates.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Sell Trademarked Items On eBay?

Yes, there is no restriction as to making earnings from selling trademarked items on eBay. Be the trademarked items on the VeRO list or not, trademarked items can always be removed if they are counterfeit but if they are licensed, they will always be among the listing products which are for sale on eBay.

Can eBay Freeze Your Bank Account?

Depending on the illegal activity you and the violation you made, eBay can freeze your seller’s account.

Does eBay Ban Sellers?

When people violate the rules and regulations of an organization they face consequences. The same thing happens on eBay, eBay does ban sellers if they violate rules.

Does eBay Charge Monthly For Selling?

The eBay marketplace does not charge monthly from sellers. Shoppers are charged on eBay depending on the number of products they sold, a %12.5 per sale is enough for eBay.


Selling copyright items on eBay can be risky if selling on eBay is your only means of generating earnings, this is because your account can be suspended due to reselling items.

Before proposing the idea of reselling on eBay, read the terms and conditions of it and try not to put all your eggs in the same basket.

As a seller or a reseller, eBay only charges you an average of 12.9% per sale.

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