How To Transfer Money From Scotiabank To TD

How to transfer money from Scotiabank is one of the difficulties I have detected from Canadians while making money transfers using different mediums.

And that is why I have designed this article to help you on making a money transfer from Scotiabank to Td. I shall also discuss  what it takes to make this transaction, Scotiabank charges in transfer and different topics related to how to transfer money from Scotiabank to Td.


I would not like to waste your time in any way so let us proceed first to the requirements needed to transfer money from this Canadian bank before knowing how to transfer money from Scotiabank to Td.


Requirements Needed To Transfer Money From Scotiabank to TD

While engaging in e-transfer making, certain requirements or documents are needed to process the transaction, but could Scotiabank money transfer requirements be different from others?


Below are the requirements needed to transfer money from Scotiabank to TD;

  • The name of the Td bank account holder
  • The recipient’s bank branch name
  • The recipient  account number


Scotiabank International Transfer

Apparently, there are mainly two ways you can send money from Scotiabank Internationally to another bank account across the globe, the two ways are known as Scotia International Money Transfer and Western Union.


1. Features Of Scotia International Money Transfer

Is an international transfer you can make from Scotiabank, hence, it is also known as Send Money Direct-to-Bank Deposit.

Some of it characteristics are

  • You can forward money directly to your recipient’s bank account within a few business days.
  • You are not restricted to send $10,000 per day.
  • This International transfer has a $0 transfer fee for ultimate package customers and newly Canadian customers.
  • All other customers are charged $1.99 as an International transfer fee.
  • Additional foreign rate is applied in this international transaction.


2. Features Of Western Union

Western Union is an option to choose if considering an international transaction from Scotiabank. This International transaction is also referred to as Cash Pick-up.

Some of it features are –

  • You can process International transactions to 500,000 locations in over 200 countries.
  • Through online, you can send up to $999.99 and mobile banking and online transact $7,499 per day if using the branch.
  • International transaction is processed to the recipient’s agent location within 2 – 4 hours when using Cash Pick-up.
  • This method charges $5 with addition of a percent of money you transfer.
  • Additional foriegn exchange rates apply.


How To Transfer Money From Scotiabank To TD?

Using your mobile bank to transfer money from Scotiabank to TD, the below steps are required on how to transfer money from Scotiabank to Td bank successfully –

  • From the app’s Home screen, click Transfers
  • Click on Bank deposit
  • Select a contact to transfer your money and choose the bank account you are referring the money transfer to.
  • Confirm details of the recipient to make the money transfer.


Recipient’s Details Needed To Process The Transaction

  • Account holder name and full address.
  • Account number.
  • Branch number and full address.
  • Institution number.
  • Swift Code / BIC / IBAN code.

In case of international transactions, the routing number of the recipient is needed.


How Do I Transfer Money From Scotiabank?

To transfer money from Scotiabank you will need to visit a nearby Scotiabank or you can use the Scotiabank app to process mobile banking or Online. 

In making a bank transaction from Scotiabank to another bank, you will need to provide the receiver’s details needed by the mobile app.


How Do I Transfer Money To A TD Bank Account?

Using any mobile banking app that supports Td deposits, below are steps on how to transfer money to a TD bank account –

  • Click on Transfers
  • Select the Td bank from (US) to (Canada)
  • Enter the transfer information including the required details of the Td account owner
  • Check to confirm that all details are well inserted to make the transfer to a Td account.


How Do I Reverse A Transaction On Scotiabank?

Most often than not, we make mistakes while processing transactions on Scotiabank and try to make a reversal but it does not seem to work. Well, I would say you did not process the reversal correctly.

You can reverse bill payment before 9 pm ET, the same day you processed the bill payments, this is usually made on Mondays to Saturdays. Reversible bill payments are shown in the Pending transactions section of the Scotiabank mobile app. 

If the type of bill payment you want to reverse is not on the list you can contact Scotiabank on 1-800-472-6842 or visit their website at


How Long Does Transfer Take From Scotiabank To TD?

7 days per week, you can make different types of transactions on those days. The minimum time it takes to make a successful transaction from Scotiabank to TD bank is a business day and a maximum of several days to get your money transferred successfully.


Scotiabank Transfer Rate

In Scotiabank debit transactions of branch or ABM withdrawals, bill payments, pre-authorized payments and direct payment purchases Scotiabank charges a service fee of $5 per transaction.


How Can I Work On My Scotiabank Transaction If It Declined?

A decline in response to a Scotiabank transaction means that the person in charge of making the money transaction is unable to provide valid documents and authorization of the holder’s account.


In no way does declined transaction connect to ‘an error occurred while dealing on the transaction’. Transactions decline for many different reasons, it might be insufficient funds most times.

For more reasons why your transaction declined you can contact Scotiabank directly on 1-888-823-9657 or Visit them on their website at Scotiabank


Note the Scotiabank customer care service number is written at the back of your ATM card.


Frequently Asked Questions 


Can I Transfer Money From Scotiabank To Another Bank?

Yes, it is very possible to transfer money from Scotiabank to another bank. Internationally, you can transfer money across the globe from Scotiabank.


Can A Non-Canadian Bank With Scotiabank?

As a non-canadian you are not restricted to have a Canadian bank account. If you are residing outside of Canada and want to open a bank account with Scotiabank, you will need to visit Scotiabank and provide needed documents to get your Scotiabank account processed.


Does Scotiabank Support International Transactions?

Scotiabank is one of the best Canadian banks which supports International banking. It has created two main options for its users to use for international banking. Just as I talk about Scotia International money transfer and Western Union, those are the two means of transacting money Internationally from Scotiabank.



One of the difficulties the Canadian face while making e-transfer is how to transfer money from Scotiabank to Td bank. And I was able to guide you on being able to process this transaction without facing any difficulty.

Instead of always going to the bank to make a branch deposit, you can always make any money transaction from the comfort of your home using Scotiabank mobile app for online banking.

However, you can always rely on moreearn for your legit reviews, business checking and info on businesses offer.

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