Online Businesses That Pays In Dollars

Have you heard about online businesses that pay in dollars?

Do you know as a teenager you can wake up from the comfort of your home and make $100-1,000 daily?

Well, you might have heard of online platforms that pay daily in dollars somewhere and did not get a point on how to get started.


I have designed this article for you and you alone to guide you on how to generate passive income from online platforms as much as you can.


To be guided on making a first step in generating US dollars on Online businesses, I will need you to give out full attention as you read down this very article till the end.

However, you will be entitled to know about different types of online businesses too.

How Can I Earn Dollars Online?

How can I earn dollars online is one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet.

Due to the process of getting this question answered, many individuals are misled to lose the little money they had.


This is because they were not on the right side of getting their question answered or were to make money.

But do not be scared. Just like I stated earlier, this article is to guide you on Online businesses that pay in dollars and of course not mislead you to result in losing your money to anyone.

Hence, types of online businesses can answer “how can I earn dollars online?” are;

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most successful online businesses.

In other words, it is one of the online businesses that pay in dollars.


Blogging is defined as an idea, letter, opinion, experience or content an individual or a group of people published on a particular community on the internet to create awareness for product and services.


The community on the internet is therefore known as a blog. 

Depending on the blog owner, the purpose of the blog can be different.

Most bloggers use their blog to make income, some take advantage of it to create their brand and others use it to educate people.


Either way, passive income is generated if you monetize your blog.

Blogging can answer questions such as, how can a teenager make 100 dollars a day?. Firstly, knowing how to start blogging is important.

How to get started with blogging

Below are the basics to know if you are considering going into blogging to earn dollars online;

  • Choose your blog name
  • Get your blog registered and blog hosting
  • Learn how to use WordPress
  • Publish your first content
  • Promote your blog
  • Monetize your blog
  • Start Earning from your blog.


There are several ways to earn from blogging, they ways are;

  • Through advertising 
  • Selling affiliate products 
  • Selling digital downloads, such as Videos, Photos, and Voice notes.


2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best online money platforms to answer questions such as, how to make $1,000 in one day.

Furthermore, it is safe to say that Affiliate marketing can generate $1,000 as a passive income daily.


This online business is among the online businesses that pay in dollars and can be defined as a form of marketing whereby the owner of products and services seek to advertise his program through a market professional who asks for a fee in return, this marketing professional is known as an affiliate marketer.


Just as stated above, you can only generate commissions from your clients if you are a market professional in affiliate marketing.

In addition, to become an affiliate marketer from scratch you should consider following the below-listed steps, these steps are;


  • As an affiliate marketer, you need to choose a platform which will be used as a medium of connecting with your clients.
  • Not to get your audience confused, you need to specialize in a particular niche.
  • Fix yourself in some affiliate programs
  • Publicize your business through making content.
  • Use content to push traffic to the affiliate marketing platform you chose.
  • Get clicks on your affiliate links
  • Convert your clicks to sales

3. Freelance Writing

Freelancing is one of the most searched words on the internet.

The majority seem to be confused when talking about freelance writing, don’t be scared ’cause I have you covered with what freelance writing is all about.


Freelance writing online business is a career of an individual who is a professional writer that furthermore works as a contractor as entitled to a full-time content creator of a company.


Now that you know the meaning of freelance writing, do you have an idea of what you can earn in dollars if you are a freelance writer?

Starting as a freelancer, all you need to do is to;

  • Choose and maintain your niche
  • Set up a website or blog as you make your portfolio.
  • Publish your sample of work on the website or blog.
  • Mingle with people so you would not miss a job opportunity.
  • Check writing jobs on Freelance sites.
  • • And start earning like a professional writer.


4. Proofreading And Editing

Proofreading and Editing are freelance jobs which do the same thing.

As a proofreader or an editor, you can earn dollars daily from correcting mistakes in people’s documents, contents and write-ups.


According to statistics, an average editor smiles back home with a minimum of $12-30 daily for just proofreading documents.

Freelancing sites help editors to find proofreading works for which payment is due.

Most of these sites are;


5. Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP emerges as one of the online businesses that pay in dollars.

  1. This online business is about publishing books(s) such as high content books, low content books, no content books, paperback and hardcover.

This online business does not get any penny from you as a process of registration, talkless of experience.

You do not need to be a graduate before you can make it in Amazon KDP.

As an undergraduate, you can publish low content books, no content books or even hardcover on Amazon platforms to get paid in US dollars.

What is known as a low content book is a book with not many write-ups or less content in it.

To get to publish your books on Amazon platforms;

  • You need a phone with good access to the Internet or a laptop.
  • And sign in on your Amazon KDP account if you have already created the account, but if you have not, sign up on
  • Complete your task information and add your bank account.
  • Amazon will review your account and authorize you to go ahead and publish your first book as an author.


6. Graphic Designs

You might be wondering why Graphic design is on the list of Online businesses that pay in dollars, but the truth is that this business does pay in dollars.

Most graphic designers I have encountered do not have that idea.

Graphic Designer generate their passive income from companies of;

  • Manufacturing
  • Publishing
  • Design Services
  • Advertising
  • Computer Systems Design.

This online business pays dollars directly to your bank account.

As a graphic designer, you can be hired and given a project by a client on a freelance platform. These freelance platforms are;


7. Online Course Creation

Online course creation is an alternative to a side hustle.

Though this online business is performed by experienced personnel.

You can make video courses of several businesses and upload them on platforms or sell them to clients to make earnings.

Online course videos are mostly educational videos.

Just like I stated above, Online course creation is for people with enough experience and idea of in and out of the online business.


8. Web Development

Web Development is an online business that pays in dollars.

This online business is totally different from Amazon KDP. In Web Development you need experience.

Hence, making it in Web Development you will need to learn the markup language, HTML, style sheet, CSS and programming languages.

Most web developers usually make it after 2 years of experience.

It is advisable to have a laptop for web development, though you can also use your phone to learn and code it.

There are several platforms which can help you in becoming a developer without getting any penny from you as a result of training you.

These platforms are;

And also, these platforms issue certificates after learning.


9. Trading and Investing 

Trading and investing is the most engaging online platform, this is because this Online business generates more income depending on the individual who is into the business.

However, trading and investing can be trading forex, cryptocurrency, stocks or a digital currency. experience matters a lot in this online business. You need to learn how to trade and make good investments.

This online business needs a phone with good access to the Internet or preferably a laptop.

If you are new to trading and investing then you can learn how to get dollars online through trading and investing from scratch at Udemy.

You can also go ahead and have a mentor who helps you out in trading and investing.

In the case of contacting a mentor, it is always advisable to go for a professional.

10. App Testing and Websites

App and website testing are one of the most underrated online businesses which allow users to earn in dollars.

App testing platforms and websites pay individuals who test and give out responses to what he or they tested.

The most opportune people to get jobs in app testing platforms are computer scientists, computer engineers and other computer experienced people.

As an app tester, it is advisable to have a PayPal account because app testers are usually paid after a week and these payments are made into your PayPal account.

Just so you know that app testers make $10-15 for every task you complete.


11. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a Virtual Assistant can help you earn as much as you want in dollars.

This online business is a freelance job which pays an individual who is a remote employee and offers admin support to your business.

The executive Assistant and virtual assistant do the same job, 

  • They make phone calls for your business
  • Organizing travels
  • Organizing emails 
  • Scheduling appointments.

The sensitive part of this online business is that these employees get paid hourly, monthly, daily or per project depending on the employer and the agreement they made.

Just like I labeled earlier, virtual assistance is a freelance job, hence, it can be found on freelance sites.


12. YouTube

YouTube is an online place which pays users who have monetized their Youtube account by publishing content in dollars.

There is no restriction as to who you are to join Youtube.

Most Artists, Teachers, digital traders, journalists, and digital marketers are on Youtube to take their respective businesses to the next level.

After getting paid through a monetized Youtube account, you can also build your influence on YouTube depending on your field.

The process of getting a monetized Youtube account is not difficult.

All you need to do is;

  • Create a YouTube channel using the Youtube app.
  • Pick a niche according to your field.
  • Understand the terms and conditions of Youtube.
  • Publish your first content.
  • Promote your channel through other social media platforms.
  • If possible set a referral bonus to those that refer people to your Youtube channel.
  • Get your account Monetized and start earning.


13. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is not just a business which exists in the bank but also online.

This online job can earn you $100 daily depending on your level of work.

Bookkeepers search for bookkeeping jobs online to apply.

Most times meet clients on the sites and have an agreement over a particular bookkeeping job.

If you can also apply to work as a bookkeeper if you are good at making accounts.

You can also search for bookkeeping jobs at;

14. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a marketing form whereby the company involved in selling products does not keep the products it sells in stocks.

The seller in this business orders for a particular quantity from the manufacturer or wholesaler at a particular time.

Is it profitable to drop ship? Yes, of course, it is. Netizens involved in dropshipping make close to $50-5000 in a day.

Though, the amount you take daily depends on your marketing strategies and the number of clients that purchase products from you in a day.

15. Online Surveys

Online Survey is an online business that pays in dollars. The most time comes along with watching ads.

Most netizens combine watching ads and taking an online survey on the same track and push them to earn a living.

In an online survey, you are being given particular questions to deal with. Your payment for an online survey depends on how you can handle the questions given to you.

Most of these platforms that partake in this pay employees through PayPal in dollars.

16. Content Making

Content Making stands out as one of the most engaged online businesses in 2022.

Colleges students and Universities students earn themselves money through creating content.

I know it is weird to say making money through creating content, Just so you know that there are platforms which pay for making content for them.

These platforms can be news platforms or so. Most of these arenas accept news content, pictures, art and even any write-ups such as fiction.

As a content creator, you can still make it as a freelancer at freelance websites or locate clients through social media and work for money.


17. Copywriting

I mostly see people confusing themselves with what copywriting is. Copywriting is defined as the act of persuading your audience to do something through writing.

As a copywriter, you stand a big chance of getting a proposal through a phone call from a business owner.

Copywriters are hired to pass ads in business which will interest the audience to engage in the business.

It is also important to know that you can not just stand up from your bed and become a copywriter. There are skills you need to acquire to become a better copywriter.

These skills are;

  • Technical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Writing skills
  • Research skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creative thinking.


18. Online Jurying

Online Jurying is an online jury job which you can engage in to generate passive income.

Talking about jurying, you do not need to get yourself in court to express your opinion on a particular case.

This online business pays $1 per minute of a judged case depending on the minutes you have spent working out the case.

A common online platform that does this is;


19. Data Entry

Just as you know that data entry is the input of data into the computer with the use of a scanner, disk, keyboard and voice.

You can be paid in dollars to work as a data entry clerk.


Data entry work is not some kind of remote work which you can just access and start working to get paid. No, you need to understand how to use the computer before moving into applying for data entry work.

Online companies which issue this online business are;

  • Clickworker
  • Scribie
  • Capital typing
  • Amazon mechanical Turk
  • SigTrack


20. Ghostwriting

Talking of ghostwriting, it has nothing to do with a dead person writing content.

This act of writing implements that the writer does not reveal himself or herself while passing out information through written words.

Ghostwriters are mostly introverts, most of them enjoy writing fictional stories, and erotic stories depending on the person.

Certain companies call ghostwriters into their business to write for them.

Ghostwriters can also apply for work on freelance platforms.


21. Teaching and Tutoring

Teaching and Tutoring also exist as part of online business which can introduce you to making passive income depending on your level of teaching.

As a college teacher or university lecturer, you can take advantage of Teaching and Tutoring online as a side hustle to double up your earnings.

Below are the steps in teaching online;

  • Choose your teaching platform
  • Pick your niche according to your field
  • Persuade students by telling them why your class is important 
  • Start lecturing
  • You can charge low at first to gain more students to join you.


22. Online Marketing

Online Marketing is an online business which also pays in dollars depending on your patrons.

As an online marketer, you make earnings by issuing your products and services online.

There is no big deal in engaging in Online marketing, it does not need much experience though there are skills which are needed to be outstanding in your marketing business.

These skills are;

  • Communication skills
  • Marketing and advertising skills

To become an online marketer, there are a few steps to follow to become one and start earning yourself money. These steps are;

  • Choose a platform
  • Choose your brand name 
  • Have a product and services
  • Advertise your business, you can also tell your friends and family, they could help you advertise your business
  • Make your clients trust you
  • Start selling your goods.


23. Micro Tasks

Micro tasks is an online business job, usually small and given to people to complete in a minimal time.

This online business does not need an individual to be skilful before joining micro tasks platforms to gain.

In this online business, jobs are completed in a little time because of the volume of employees.

Also, Amazon mechanical Turk(MTurk) is a good example of a micro-task platform.


24. Social Media Ads Marketing

Social media ads marketing is another form of marketing strategy used in social media to advertise business in order to gain more traffic and increase sales.

Social media is one of the best platforms where you can keep your business moving by advertising your products and services to the consumer and engaging them in purchasing it.

This online business does not mean you can not engage in it because you are not a social media influencer.

No matter the person involved, you can always make sales through the Facebook marketplace if you have products and services.


25. Medium Writing

Medium is an open platform where readers check to see write-ups that interest them and writers try to engage their readers to read their write-ups to earn more money.

Still asking how to make dollars daily in the medium?

Well,  medium platform pay writers who open up ideas of write-ups on the platform.

There is no fixed amount of money given to writers, writers are paid depending on their engagement.

If you are a writer you can also sign up now on Medium to start publishing your content to start earning in dollars.


26. Personal Workout

Personally, I have seen people who have made it in the personal workout as an online business.

There are people in life who need fitness but most of them tend to be introverted, hence, they can not move to a gym centre but will propose the idea of learning it online.

You can also take the chance of getting people into fitness in order to gain more money.

Starting a personal workout online business is not difficult, all you need to do are;

  • Choose your field of fitness
  • Choose your business platform 
  • Have a good camera
  • Get your workout tools 
  • Publicize your business 
  • Publish your content to start making money.

In the aspect of choosing a business platform for this online business, Youtube is always advisable, though you can use any social media too.


27. Remote Beautician/Modeling

People in this field of online business make dollars through modeling for other people’s businesses to grow.

Here you can find a model signing an endorsement deal with a company, the work of the model is to grow the company while the company pays the model.

Individuals that stand a chance of getting this job are social media influencers and celebrities.

As a non-social media influencer, you can also learn and become one to make use of the opportunity.


28. Social Media Management

Though Social Media Management jobs pay, there is difficulty in landing one because these jobs need a very high experience.

Why this is so is because individuals who render this work are mostly celebrities who are busy and also can not manage their social media accounts.

People who have this job earn a lot from it. But the process of getting one is difficult, just as it is difficult to reach out to a celebrity.

There are also online courses which can help you become a social media manager.

YouTube videos can help you start your journey to becoming a social media manager.


29. Teaching Language(s)

Teaching Language(s) is one of the major online businesses that pay in dollars.

From here, I am sure you should have a clue about this online business.

Well, you often see people on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Youtube, Udemy and even on TikTok helping people out on learning language(s).

The fact is that you can earn money daily if you are subject to teaching language(s) fluently.

Especially if you are an English language guru. Most students learning the language(s) want to make it in the English language, following the Spanish language.


30. Podcasting

Podcasting is a nice online business idea that pays in dollars.

The definition of the term podcast is the collection of digital audio files which are made available for downloading or listening on the internet.

As the news reported, podcasting emerged as a medium to make passive income.

Advertising and sponsorships are the best way to get paid in podcasting.

Though the process of finding an advertiser who agrees to your terms can be difficult.

Nevertheless, podcasting pays $18-$50 depending on your work rate.

Podcasting individuals can pull more of that into their pockets.


31. Beta Reading

Beta Reading is the act of reading an unreleased context of content from the perspective of other readers to point out errors and get the author to correct them before putting them on the market.


Beta Reading is not really a good online job though but it is considered one because it pays.

With the help of freelancing, it is simple to connect with beta readers and have your work done while you pay them off.


There are certain factors to consider when getting a job as a better reader.

  • Genre
  • Word count
  • Time issued to complete the job
  • Amount issued out for the service.


Beta readers make $50-$100 monthly, as a starter, you can bag $40.


32. Video Editing

Depending on what you do to earn living you can still double up your hustle.

Did you know you can make dollars online by making videos? It is simple to make videos related to your field to earn as much as you want.

Video editors usually upload their videos on their decided platform to continue gaining.

You can also choose;

  • Amazon
  • Youtube 
  • Facebook 
  • TikTok as a medium to upload your video.


33. Gift Cards Exchange

By any chance, you might have heard of gift card exchange and how it generates income but also might be confused about how it works.

You do not need to feel bad if you do not know how this online business works.

A gift card is usually a type of card with a value which can be used for purchasing goods and services within a particular store.

This simply explains that you can not use a gift card from another store to exchange for purchases in another store.

Gift card exchange agents make from buying a gift card at a lower price and selling it at a higher price, i.e, you can trade a Walmart gift card which is $25 for $35.

It means you can buy a Walmart gift card at $25 and sell it at $35 and gain a profit of $10(single transaction).

The gift card exchange business is all about having clients who patronize you.

Therefore, in other to have these clients, you can follow these steps;


  • Firstly, advertise your business to your family and friends, they can help you bring in individuals who want to trade gift cards.
  • Move your advertisement level to social media platforms, such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.
  • If possible, set up a website where your clients meet you. In setting up a website you stand a big chance of doubling your money if you know SEO.
  • Publicize your business through printing flyers, banners and other printing mediums to take your business to the next level.
  • Having a referral system will help promote your gift card business, I.e, you give out referral bonuses to clients who bring others to trade gift cards with you.

There are places online where you can purchase your gift cards, these places are;


34. Watch Ads

If you are a type who watches videos online or a video addict, there is a 90% chance of you making money in dollars from watching videos. That sounds like a scam but it is real.

At first, it was a doubt to be, but after reviewing it, I found out that it is 100% legit.

Watching ads to get paid is an online business which pays its workers for watching advertisements on the platform.

Watching ads on platforms to get paid does not mean you should visit sites on the internet and start watching their ads to get paid. It does not work out that way.


There are particular sites which pay their users for watching ads and some of these common sites are;

1. Netflix

Netizens also earn money through watching videos, movies and TV shows posted on Netflix

These platform videos are more than advertisements, hence, you will need to wait for videos to be posted on the website before you can view them.

2. MyPoints

Mypoints  platform is meant for shopping products though the company also pays viewers for ads displayed on this platform.

In MyPoints platform you gain points which can be converted to gift cards, PayPal cash and travel miles.

Signing up on MyPoints guarantees you a free $10 gift card as a sign-up bonus.

3. GrabPoints

Payouts on GrabPoint online platform range from $5-$200.

GrabPoint also goes further to offer free gift cards and PayPal money to users who perform certain online activities.

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks you can redeem your gift cards by earning points.

This site has playlists full of entertainment videos for you to choose and watch in order to gain these points.

5. Nielsen

Nielsen is an online business platform that runs the computer and mobile panels to monitor its user’s activities.

Apart from using your mobile phone to earn money from this platform through watching videos, you can also enroll with a computer, tablet, desktop or any technology system which accesses the Internet.

6. Kashkick

Kashkick is one of the online businesses that pay in dollars if you carry out tasks of watching videos, finding ideas, browsing and answering surveys.

This platform pays directly into your PayPal account and its minimum payment is $10.

7. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is an online platform that pays its users for carrying out the task of watching videos, taking surveys and shopping with them.

Points are usually given by InboxDollars to users who carry out these tasks.

This online business that pays in dollars payment occurs on PayPal.

$5 is also given out as a sign-up bonus.

8. iRazoo

iRazoo is known as an online survey platform which pays its users for performing online activities such as; watching videos, downloading apps and playing games.

There are no charges attached to signing up on iRazoo.

9. Earnably

Earnably is a platform which offers rewards for active netizens.

Netizens of Earnably earn through watching videos and completing particular surveys

Signing up on Earnably platform presents a person offers; cards, cash, and even a discount.

Though the company specifies how long a task lasts.

Also referring friends to the platform will entitle you to earn extra points on the platform.


35. Translation Services

Translation services are online jobs translators do to earn money.

Translation services revolve around translating Language(s) to get paid.

This online business is still a freelance business.

The flow of cash is not really seen in this business but my review shows that translators make $30-$70 hourly compared to other online businesses.

Translation services are assumed to cost about $0.15 per word depending on the language being translated and translated into.

To apply for these jobs, check them out in;


36. Transcription

Transcription is one of the most promising careers in online business.

With this online business, you can assure of smiling home with $1,500 monthly depending. Transcriptionists who work for 3 hours daily get that amount.


They are also some of these service providers that earn $45 per typing gig.

Most freelance sites pay $15-$30 depending on your level of the job.

You can apply for these jobs at;

Frequently Asked Questions 


How Can I Make $100 As A Student Online?

As a student, you can schedule your time and be making nothing less than $100 monthly working as a content creator.


How much can I make daily working online?

You can make over $25 from online business depending on your level of experience, and the condition of the online business.


Which Is The Best Online Business That Pays In Dollars?

Talking about the best online business that pays in dollars, I would choose blogging as the best online business.


Lot of these online businesses that pay in dollars are capable of paying their employees what they deserve after working.

To avoid being scammed, be careful of the online jobs you apply for.

Before applying for a job, check out and review the company issuing the job.

Online business is a good idea of business to people that love remote work. Not much stress, you work in the comfort of your home to generate your passive income.

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