What Happens If You Don't Pay For An Invoice

What Happens If You Don’t Pay For An Invoice? Are There Consequences? Find Out Now!

Are you wondering what happens if you don’t pay for an invoice? Just like to think about what would happen if you do not pay for purchases, but do not worry. In this article, I assure you to get all the answers you need regarding what happens if you don’t pay for an invoice.

Invoice is almost the same as purchasing now and paying later but there are slightly different features between invoice and purchasing now and paying later. After getting an invoice from a company or a freelancer with a payment date agreed upon but due to the situation, you could not meet up to make payment for your invoice, this could get you frustrated and make you wonder the punishment that might follow if you don’t pay for an invoice.

In this article, I will be addressing what happens if you don’t pay for an invoice, not just that, but I will go further to address secrets on how do I avoid paying an invoice with everything you need to know regarding what happens if you don’t pay for an invoice.

Without wasting much time, let us proceed.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay For An Invoice

It is very risky to avoid paying for an invoice, depending on the company or the freelancer that invoiced with. You might face legal action which could make the company or freelancer that invoiced you recover the debt. Some companies do send you a statute demanding for the outstanding debt before taking legal action. However, despite facing legal action if you do not pay for an invoice, some people have been asking ‘can I ignore an invoice?’

A few minutes from now I will be addressing if it is possible to ignore an invoice.

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Can I Ignore An Invoice?

Yes,  you can ignore an invoice. There is only one legal way to avoid paying an invoice and this is only if the goods and services you received from your contractor are not what was agreed upon. A few minutes from now I will be guiding you on how to avoid paying an invoice

How To Avoid Paying An Invoice

As a goods and service receiver, it is not a good option for you to avoid paying an invoice because you might be facing legal action, but in the case of the service provider, below are ways on how to avoid paying for an invoice

  • Make Clarity Of Payment And Goods Costs: As a Contractor or a service provider, an invoice might come up in your business because of unclear payment and costs terms, hence, you need to state it clearly to your service receiver everything concerning the payment.
  • Insist For An Upfront Payment: in some cases, you can insist for an upfront payment. Most service providers do this due to who they are issuing services to. Instead of going away with their money, they insist you should make payment for your services before receiving them.
  • Invent Good Payment Habits: depending on your payment habit, your customers can always get away with the invoice without coming back to make payment. In this case, always make sure to provide documents which provide evidence of your work completion to your customers.
  • Early Payment Discounts:This is a good option to avoid invoices. You can issue a discount to your clients if they make early payments and also accept different payment options to avoid them not paying invoices.
  • Pre-Screen Customers: In fact, Pre-Screening customers should be the first action to carry out when thinking on an invoice, you should first of all, check the customer’s financial status, and credit to ensure you are not dealing with the wrong person.

How Long Can An Invoice Be Unpaid?

An invoice can be legitimately chased for 6 years. If a company wants to take any legal action concerning invoices, it should be within 6 years. Though you can always meet an agreement with your customers regarding invoices.

Are Invoices Legally Binding?

An invoice on its own does not act as a legal document, nor can it serve as a legally binding agreement between the service provider and the client. Invoices can only lead to legal action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Part-Pay For An Invoice?

Yes, you can part-pay for an invoice depending on the contract you signed with your client. Before signing an invoice, you can always include the part payment option in the payment part of the invoice document.

Can I Be Sued To Court For Avoiding Invoice Payment?

Yes, legal action can be taken if you avoid paying for an invoice. The company can choose to sue you in court or choose any other legal action.

Can I Pay For An Invoice When I Like?

No, you can not pay for an invoice when you like. Invoice is bound with rules, hence you need to follow up to avoid earning bad credit.


Due to how clients treat companies when an invoice is included in a contract, different companies do not support paying for an invoice, hence, they rather take upfront payment to avoid creating problems among clients. However, I have addressed everything you need to know regarding what happens if I don’t pay for an invoice in this article, this includes; can I ignore an invoice, how to avoid paying an invoice and every other related topic.

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