Where Can I Redeem Vodabucks?

Where Can I Redeem Vodabucks?

Where Can I Redeem Vodabucks?

Despite being easy to locate where to redeem vodabucks, people often ask google where can I redeem vodabucks? This question can however at times be a product of frustration, but do not worry, because in this article, i will show you where you can redeem your vodabucks.

Vodabucks which is a reward from Vodacom to their users can be redeemed for many items in the vodabucks store such as voice bundle, internet bundle, bills payment, and exclusive offers, you see how interesting that is? But after getting these vodabucks, Vodacom users often want to know how to redeem vodabucks, and this applies to why most of our readers ask us where can I redeem vodabucks?

You see, in this article, I will be addressing everything you need to know regarding where can I redeem vodabucks? How to redeem vodabucks, what can I redeem vodabucks for and others.

Without wasting time, let’s proceed –

Where Can I Redeem Vodabucks?

To redeem vodabucks, you will have to use the My Vodacom App. My Vodacom App is a reliable platform to use when considered to redeem your vodabucks, however, there are other ways to choose aside from My Vodacom App. Below are platforms that answer the question where can I redeem vodabucks?

  • Vodacom outlet
  • My Vodacom App

Without knowing how to redeem vodabucks, knowing where to redeem vodabucks will however be irrelevant.

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Ways To Redeem Vodabucks

Where Can I Redeem Vodabucks?

There are five ways to redeem vodabucks, and below are the ways to redeem vodabucks

  • Using the My Vodacom App
  • Via the USSD code
  • Sending an SMS to 30150
  • Contact the Vodacom
  • Locate vodabucks outlet

Later on in this guide, I will be guiding you on how to redeem vodabucks.

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How To Redeem Vodabucks

There are 5 ways to take in redeeming vodabucks which I have listed above. Below are the steps on how to redeem vodabucks

  • Using The Vodacom App: Redemption of vodabucks might differ depending on what you want to redeem it for.
  • After signing in to your app
  • Select what you want to get if your vodabucks
  • Insert details if required
  • Via The USSD Code: Using the USSD code could be the most easiest way to redeem vodabucks.
  • Dial *133#
  • Options will be displayed on your phone screen
  • Proceed with selecting what you want to redeem your vodabucks for
  • Sending an SMS To 30150: Unlike other methods of redeeming vodabucks, you do not need many steps to redeem vodabucks when using the SMS method.
  • Just send SMS “TP” to 30150
  • Contact The Vodacom: Contacting Vodacom is another alternative to redeeming your vodabucks
  • Call 082135 to get in contact with the Vodacom team
  • Locate Vodabucks Outlet: Redeeming vodabucks at the vodabucks outlet might be the toughest way to redeem voabucks because of where vodabucks outlets are located.

A few minutes from now, I will be guiding you on how do I redeem my Vodacom voucher.

How Do I Redeem My Vodacom Voucher?

You need to be a user of Vodacom to redeem your Vodacom voucher, below are the steps involved in how do I redeem my Vodacom voucher for TV? – 

  • Firstly, purchase a TV deal online at the Vodacom store
  • A virtual voucher will be sent to you
  • Follow each step on the virtual voucher card to proceed
  • Submit your details
  • Authenticate your TV license number
  • A call centre agent will contact you to authenticate your address

How To redeem Vodacom Vodabucks

Using the My Vodacom App, choose what item you want to redeem your vodabucks for and proceed. 

What Can I Redeem Vodabucks For?

There are numerous items in the vodabucks store, below are items you can redeem vodabucks for

  • Voice bundle
  • Data bundle
  • Social media Internet bundle
  • Bills payment
  • Exclusive offers
  • Mega unlock

There are still items you can redeem vodabucks for, sign up on the My Vodacom App to gain these offers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Vodabucks Be Used As A Discount Vouchers?

Yes, Vodabucks can be used as a discount voucher. Aside from that, vodabucks could get you different offers which I have listed in this article.

Does Vodacom Charge For Redeeming Vodabucks?

No, Vodacom does not charge its users for redeeming vodabucks. Try as much as possible to avoid people who want to get money from you to redeem your vodabucks.

Can I Redeem Vodabucks Anywhere?

No, vodabucks can only be redeemed where it is accepted. Vodabucks are only accepted at the vodabucks store.


Vodacom has made redeeming of vodabucks with a cellphone using the My Vodacom App easier to avoid receiving unnecessary visits from customers at the Vodacom office. I have addressed everything you need to know regarding where can I redeem my vodabucks in this article, also every other topic related to where can I redeem my vodabucks have been addressed in this article.

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